How Coronavirus (COVID-19) Affects Your First Aid Courses


We appreciate we are in uncertain times but we wanted to say Surrey First Aid Training will be doing everything we can to support you through this difficult time. 

To protect our customers: 
  • We offer small group sizes in our training room of 8 delegates at the maximum, if you are ill on the day, please call us we will accommodate you on another course, you do not need to attend if you meet any of the government isolation criteria please stay home.
  • Our training room is fully sanitized between courses, all surfaces including doors and windows. We only ask the delegates to maintain good hygiene whilst on the course, like you would always do.
  • Our trainers regularly change the training equipment in-between our courses.
  • All used equipment is fully sterilised inline with hospital sterilisation techniques, in-between courses.
  • Resus Annie disposables are thrown away in accordance with good hygiene in between courses such as lungs.
  • Equipment is fully clean with medically graded wipes in-between delegates as per the Resuscitation Guidelines.
  • Face Mask can be purchased for delegates on courses from the trainer at our training rooms.
  • Finally, our trainers adapt, so if you are concerned about contracting the virus, do not to put your ear down to the mouth to check for breathing, but instead to look for signs of breathing/life. If concerned: give compression only as this is much better than no CPR at all. Our trainers will do everything they can to look after you and keep you safe on our courses.

You can now purchase faceshields to use on your course: £3.00 purchased from the training room. Please ask your trainer on the course.

CPR Face Shield in Tiny Key Fob Pouch Green 5cmx5cm

Coronavirus First Aid Policy:
All our courses are currently unaffected and we always practice excellent hygiene with regards to the equipment, we have released a statement inline with the Resuscitation Guidelines, delegates will not be forced to practice mouth to mouth. If we are sending our trainer to you, we would expect them to respect whatever policy you have put in place for the virus, and not to attend if they are unwell (we will find a replacement trainer).
We are currently reviewing this daily following advice by Public Health England, however if your training did fall into a date which is a shut down period, we would postpone your course until it was safe to deliver this, with no additional stress or charge. Any delegates unable to attend due to isolation will be able to take their course online or when they are better and safe to do so at no additional fee, we will find away to accommodate them. 

 Please call or email us if you have any further concerns. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.