13th September World Sepsis Day


Sepsis is a response to any infection in the body. When the immune system goes into overdrive and starts attacking healthy tissue, organs and cells.  The consequence is vital organs can just down in very short periods of time and when early symptoms are recognised the results are often life theatening. 

With the media increasing awarenss of Sepsis in programmes such as casualty, Call the Midwife and others, it is still sad to read of health care proffessionals not reckognising the signs of Sepsis (known as the Red Flags) and starting patients on the life saving appropriate treatment plan.

We need to stop this and the best way to do this is to empower patients and carers of patients to speak up. If you think someone you know or love has Sepsis get medical help quickly and tell the GP, nurse, ambulance, hospital that you suspect Sepsis.

Trust you instinct with children and babies, it is probably right.

To find out more about Sepsis and support today's World Sepsis day. You can visit the website. 


As just as a little reminder, here is our SURREY TAKES ON SEPSIS POSTER!