Local Mother shares her experience of dealing with her child when she stopped breathing

Written by Gemma- Jamines mum

"Jasmine was over her granparents for dinner. She didn’t eat much. So they gave her a bath. As she was getting out of her bath, one of the scars from her tonsil removal surgery reopened. Blood started coming out of her mouth. Her nan called 999 and they said an ambulance would be with us within 2 hours.

So I was picked up by her grandad and myself and my husband loaded her in the car to take her to hospital. Tom was driving and I sat in the back with her holding a bowl and a towel to catch the blood. We got 5 minutes down the road and she had a seizure. Followed by another and stopped breathing. My husband pulled over on the road and put his hazards on and called 999. I gave her a few breaths. She responded to breaths but after a few minutes started gargaling and choking on the blood. My husband lost signal so was disconnected. I ran out of the car to try and move her forward. Cars started beeping and people swearing as they got annoyed that we had stopped in the road. Luckily my dad saw we had pulled over so parked behind us in his works fire car. He called 999 and said we need help now and explained what had happened. My mum then helped me with Jasmine.

Moments later the ambulance arrived. We carried her into the ambulance where she was treated before being rushed to hospital. Unfortunately no members of the public helped and instead became aggressive with swearing and beeping. This made us panic more. A member of the public could of tried calling 999 off their mobile as they may of had better signal. They could of guided traffic round us. Or even just talking with us if they didn’t know first aid. They don’t have to know first aid to help. Just knowing someone else is there is something in a life threatening emergency".

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