Girl, nine, passes away from a severe allergic reaction

Nainika's father had cooked dairy-free pancakes, as his daughter was allergic, with blackberries after she asked to eat them for the first time.

Five days after she was admitted to hospital, Nainika's parents made the heart-breaking decision to turn off their daughter's life support after doctors revealed she had irreversible brain damage.

Before she died, doctors ran a test to discover that she was mildly allergic to blackberries.

Her mother later stated: 'The doctor said it looked like it wasn't the blackberry on it's own, but there was something to do with dairy. The pancakes were dairy free, but we're not sure if the ingredients had been possibly contaminated. We didn't have any dairy products at home. The exact cause is not known and it has left us with many unanswered questions.'

After her death, her parents set up a foundation in their daughter's name to try and raise awareness and funding for allergy research.

Source: Daily Mail