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Are you running an event and need a First Aider?

Surrey First Aid Training has a friendly and professional team of First Aiders available for low risk event cover. All our First Aiders come with their own kit and are qualified to at least First Person Emergency Care Level 3, with the appropriate experience of emergency medical care.

What we offer

Surrey First Aid Training currently only covers events considered low risk.

Selecting the right cover for your event

Choosing the type of cover your event will be depend upon the risk assessment you have completed and the risks you have identified. Some of the considerations you will need to make include:

  • Previous event data. For example, whether you've run the event before.
  • The type of event. For example, whether it’s a fete, dance show or football game.
  • Whether it is indoors or outdoors, and the type of venue you are hosting in.
  • Seated or standing audience.
  • The level of First Aider needed, First Aid at Work or above?
  • Audience attending, where its families, predominantly young people or an elderly audience.
  • Size of audience (a rough estimation of what you would need might be 2 first aiders per 800 people).
  • The kind of activity being carried out.
  • Time of year (this is particularly relevant to outdoor events).

To complete your risk assessment - we recommend you visit the Health and Safety Executive website and the Purple Guide.

Pitch Pulse

Please note it is your responsibility to undertake the risk assessment for the event and select the appropriate First Aider. We do not attend high risk events, however we do work in partnership with another company Nationwide Ambulances. So please do contact us anyway to check availability if you need larger numbers of medics, an ambulance response car or any specialist Medics and we will do our best to assist you in finding the right cover for your event.

Complete our online booking form to book your event first aid cover

Upon receiving your enquiry we will ask you to complete a questionnaire in order that we can ascertain more information about your event. We will then send you the scope of our practice so that you can ensure that it meets your requirements.

Once you have chosen your cover, we will provide a bespoke quote for the cover. If you choose to proceed, we will then ask you to complete our online booking form.

We will then confirm your event in writing, share our terms and conditions for the event with you and raise an invoice for the cover. 

If you do have any questions please do call our office on 01483 238 268.


We are a community organisation – do we have to have a First Aider at our event?


If your risk assessment identifies that you there is a need for someone to have the sole responsibility of being available to deliver First Aid then you will need to have a First Aider. You should also check with your event insurance provider to see what requirements they have for First Aid. Please remember if you are appointing your own First Aider from your organisation they may need 'Personal indemnity Insurance' also known as Mal Practice. You will need to check with your event insurer if this is a requirement. 


Do we have to pay for First Aid event cover?


Unfortunately we are not charity status and provide First Aiders commercially, so we will charge a fee including VAT.


Do I have any other alternatives?


If you budget does not provide for qualified medics or First Aiders from our organisation to attend your event, then you could train a member of your own team or volunteers. They will need to hold a First Aid at Work qualification or above (FREC3), insurance and First Aid equipment. More information on our training for responders can be found on our website.


How will Martyn's Law affect our event risk assessment?
  For more information on what Martyn's Law is and how it will affect your risk assessment for events please click here to read our handy guide.



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